What to Expect

What Should I Expect When I Visit?

Must I wear dress clothes?

No! We gather together to Worship God as He individually created us here at First Baptist Church Perrysburg (FBCP). You are who God created you to be. You will see people dressed very casually (as that is how God created them to be) and you will see others dressed more formally (as that is how God created them to be). You will be fine coming as God leads you to dress.

What about children in Worship?

You are welcome to bring your children with you into the Worship area. However, we offer nursery and toddler care for those who wish to leave their children in our care. Your children will be well cared for and we offer a system of checking your children in and out for their security and your peace of mind.


What is your Worship service like?

Our Worship is Christ-centered and Biblical. We practice what is usually referred to as a ‘blended’ worship. We will sing both traditional hymns and some of the more contemporary Christian music that you may have heard on the radio. If you have a Bible, feel free to bring it with you. If you do not have one, Bibles are available for you to use. All of our songs are projected and the message is brought with YouVersion Live.


Will I be asked to fill out anything?

You are not required to fill out any paperwork. We will give you a packet of information about FBCP. There is also a ‘tear off’ section of your Worship Folder (Bulletin) that we hope you will fill out as a record of your visit. There is also a place for prayer requests, information you may want about serving in at FBCP, involvement in ministries at FBCP, a reservation for Wednesday Night Dinner, and other areas that may interest you. If you choose to fill this out, please place it in the offering plate at the appropriate time.


Will I receive a visit after I attend?

Only if you designate that you want a visit and then only after we have set up an appropriate meeting time. We understand that you are busy and we respect your time at home. We will not just stop by unannounced expecting to visit with you. However, we would love to get to know you better when you are ready.


Will I be expected to give anything?

We take an offering every time we Worship on Sunday morning. Those who Worship with us regularly give a tithe or an offering because they want to support the ministries and mission of FBCP. As a guest, please do not feel obligated to give, but know that any gifts you give will be used to further God’s work. 

If you wish to give, you may give through cash, check, or electronically through our E-giving.

How can I get involved?

For most of our ministries, Bible studies, or events, all you need to do is come. If you are uncertain about how to be involved or where activities take place, you may call the Church at 419-874-3546, or email us at fbcperrysburg@sbcglobal.net or pastorjw55@gmail.com. You may also check the website or facebook page for additional information.